About Us

In the late 1960s Redbird Wood Products was established to fill a need of the basket industry: to produce pre-made handles for basket weavers. Started by an American Indian named “Redbird”, the business carried this name for many years. There are many stories of this colorful individual and his vision to further the hobby he enjoyed so much. He was also a frequent participant in many of the weaving gatherings.

Redbird SignAfter “Redbird’s” retirement, the business went through several changes and in 1991 was purchased by present owners, Dave and Debbie Hicks. The name was then changed to Redbird Wood Products, Inc.

Later in early 2006, the Redbird team moved to their present facility. The new facility provided them with more than 4800 square feet of production and storage area to fulfill the growing needs of their customers. Since then, many new products have been added to their ever expanding product line, all handcrafted to meet superior craftsmanship and quality that has come to be expected of Redbird’s products.

Despite the growing pains and changes over the last several decades, the vision of the Redbird team and family has always remained the same. To provide their clients with the best product possible, and with the greatest customer service available.